Royal Tine Camp Cook School Journal

dutch ovensDAY 11:

Today I baked a cake using a Dutch oven and it came out great. I think I'm beginning to get the hang of these ovens. I was in charge of breakfast this morning and it went fine and on time. The other cook student will be in charge of breakfast tomorrow and I'll be in charge of supper.

Now that I'm feeling more comfortable in the cook tent things are going a lot smoother. I know where everything is and I'm getting my timing down better. This "hands on" learning gives you a better understanding of the work.

Tonight's dinner was beef with black beans, tomato and broccoli salad, three bean casserole with cornbread topping and coleslaw. YUM!!

The guide students are going on a night pack trip this evening so we're making cinnamon rolls after supper so we can have them ready to go for breakfast tomorrow. Camp cooking is a lot about planning ahead and organizing things. As I laid on my cot tonight I could hear the coyotes (aka. song dogs) howling. Nice music to go to sleep by.
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