Camp Cooking School Outline

cooking school Every year, I offer (4) 2 week classes. We are located at 5800 ft elevation in the mountains of Montana. You will be staying in a wall tent camp during your class instruction. There is no electricity or running water at camp, but there is a shower tent and outhouses.

The 2 week school instruction is based on furthering a person's cooking knowledge and skills using dutch ovens, propane, wood fired ovens and the campfire. Just plain outdoor cooking for those who love to camp and cook for friends and family.

I guarantee you will learn the basics and have fun, but perfecting your skills over time will be up to you. Come with lots of enthusiasm and energy and we'll see you in Royal Tine Camp Cook School's next class session!

Cook and Cooking Skills
Wilderness camp and food regulations
Setting up and operating a camp kitchen
Dutch oven cooking
Food storage and safety
Baking breads and desserts
Sourdough baking
High altitude adjustments, measurements, and substitutions
Menu and meal planning
Grocery and camp supply inventory
Preparing and cooking wild game and chicken
Cleanliness and safety in the kitchen
Duties and responsibilities of the camp cook
Using propane and wood as cooking sources
Cooks apparel and gear in mountain climates
Cooking in and over open fire and pit

camp cook
When hunger strikes, everybody loves the cook!