Royal Tine Camp Cook School Journal

DAY 4:

Breakfast this morning was another team effort, as we are getting in the swing of things. Our coffee cake turned out great. Good thing, because I was half asleep!!
I think I need another cup of that stout Cowboy Coffee.

After breakfast, LeRee gave us some basics on what outfitters expect from their cooks and what the job encompasses. After that we covered bread baking and while the bread dough was rising we prepared lunch.

After lunch we made apple pies. My pie crust isn't the best in the world but LeRee showed me what I was doing wrong and said I'll get more chances to work on it.

Supper tonight was Salisbury steak, potato wedges, peas, fresh baked bread and apple pie. After we cleaned up I got back to my tent a little after 7 PM. A cook has a long day but I learned a lot. A lot more than by trial and error or watching cooking shows all day.

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