Royal Tine Camp Cook School Journal

camp cookDAY 9:

This week LeRee is letting us do the meals more on our own and she's "hovering" around to answer questions and come to the rescue if we cry "help." One student is in charge of breakfast and the other assists. We switch off for supper and both work on lunch. The next day we change around so we get a chance to do everything. Maybe I was overconfident because I was ten minutes late with breakfast but nobody said anything, I will work on it next time around.

I was running around the cook tent baking bread and cookies, Dutch ovens going and grilling steaks outside. I can see now how important planning is. We sit down in the evening and plan the next day's menu and write everything down so we don't forget. LeRee has a cookbook full of fantastic recipes. There's a good deal of satisfaction when everybody compliments you on your cooking. Cooks live on compliments.

I had five Dutch ovens going at the same time today. How cool is that!?
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