Royal Tine Camp Cook School Journal

outdoor cooksDAY 3:

My first full day as a cook. I was in the cook tent at 5:15 AM. The guide students rotate days as camp jack. The camp jack starts the fire in the cook tent, helps get wood and water for the cook tent, and starts the water for coffee. They are a big help and LeRee recommends that we always thank them and let them know how important their efforts are.

With my coffee in hand, we began breakfast. Sausage links, eggs and fresh baked biscuits. One cook student makes the biscuits while the other does the sausage and eggs. Next time we'll switch jobs so we each get a chance to do all the jobs. LeRee explained how it's important to have breakfast ready on time when cooking for hunters because they want to leave camp at certain times. It's as much about timing as it is technique. Getting everything ready on time for twelve people can be a challenge. Now I understand why LeRee is always running around like she does.

I helped with supper that night and LeRee showed me how to make peach cobbler. It came out pretty good and there weren't any leftovers.

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